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BBC Skillswise rounding quiz

Try looking up some of the rounding material – that was something that cropped up as a common theme from the revision tests.


Quiz with time limit

Click on this link for a quiz on some of the work we have done up to now.

  1. If you see a yellow bar in the top of the Web browser, you just click on the yellow and select ‘allow blocked content’
  2. The quiz selects 10 questions at random from 20 questions so you get some different questions each time you reload the page
  3. You have 20 minutes to answer the 10 questions! You can still check the answers after the 20 minutes, it just won’t score
  4. Let me know if you want more of these quizzes

Fractions next!

Having had a look at the ‘four functions’ applied to whole numbers, and a bit of measuring, we move slowly into fractions. The links below will help you get ahead with what we need to cover…

From this morning…

And, as people seemed mostly quite confident with the work this morning, you might want to try a couple of tests! These will open in a new window. You might get a yellow band at the top of the new window warning about ‘javascript’ or ‘active content’. Just click on the yellow band and then click ‘allow this page’, depending on your security setting.

Adding and Subtracting

Links to the BBC Bitesize Web site

  • Mental methods: how to add and subtract without writing anything down – good when its small easy numbers like £30 plus £14
  • Written methods: for when the questions get harder
  • Problem questions: you have to recognise what calculation to do in the ‘real’ world, and this page tells you about reading the problems

Multiplying by 10, by 100 and by 1000

Have a look at the BBC Skillswise Page on Multiplying by 10, 100 and 1000

  • Try the quiz
  • Try the worksheet (work onscreen)