Monday’s lesson

It was nice to meet you all this morning, and we will see how many names I can remember for next time. You may have noticed how I was trying to say everyones name a few times, and to look at the name cards. That is because of the psychology of learning. You learn by recalling information and using it.

Here are the instructions for the writing you had to do for the English lesson

“Please ask students to write a 2 page essay (A4) entitled ‘My Most Memorable Experience”. It has to be based on a personal experience (factual account) and MUST be handwritten.”

Remember that the Maths questions I gave out are at Level 1. I’m not assuming that you can do all or most of the questions yet – just put a ? next to the ones you are not sure of. If you can do the questions, then have a go. Use the question paper to show your working out for the arithmetic questions.

Reminder: Bring back your certificates again next week and I WILL photocopy them!

Comments: Click on the Comments baloon at the top of this post to ask any questions. Remember anyone can read this page, so keep personal questions for the tutors. I can be contacted on for really urgent stuff – I don’t put my College e-mail on public pages because of the spam.


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